Beach Cottage Spa Bathroom

Sometimes it's nice to change things up a bit. My two bathrooms were decorated in a very similar look and since I made over the main bathroom so many times in so many different colours, I decided to change the 2nd bathroom using things I already had on hand.

I really do love sandy beige and white together.  It makes me think of beaches and sunny weather, so I pulled out all the accessories I had in those colours and swapped out the old look for the new.  What I love about this change is that the sand and white really work well with the sand coloured paint on the walls and the beige and white flooring.

5 Minutes to Cleaner, Allergen Free Air

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Did you know that the air inside your car is 6 times dirtier than the air outside your car?

Nowadays most vehicles have air filters attached to the cabin ventilation system.  They're called "cabin air filters" and they are designed to keep the air that enters the vehicle free of pollen, allergens, dust and dirt.  If you use the vehicle fan, heat or air conditioner frequently, this filter is working hard and all that dust and dirt gets trapped before it gets into your vehicle. This also means that your cabin air filter is clogging up with all that dust, pollen and dirt and needs to be replaced. The dirtier the filter, the less fresh air is getting into the cabin.

 If you or anyone in your family has allergies, changing the cabin air filter regularly is super important.  And ladies, you don't need a mechanic to do this job, it's a quick and easy DIY that doesn't require any special tools.  It only took me 5 minutes to change the one in my car!

This tutorial is a bit of a departure from my usual subjects, but changing this filter was so freaking easy I cannot believe I have paid someone $95/hour to do this work for me in the past.  I changed both the engine air filter (super easy job, too) and the cabin air filter in less than 10 minutes.  And I'd never done this before.

Barn Door Style Storm Door

Another project to deal with an awkward area of my home at the back door...

Thanks to a weirdly low overhang that prevents me from having a proper storm door, I had to come up with a different solution to the usual swing out storm doors.

Not to worry, I had the perfect door to use and with the huge popularity of barn door style doors, I knew exactly how to handle this situation.

Filing Cabinet Hack

I recently did a makeover of my home office (see Cottage Home Office Makeover HERE) and to complete the look of the space, I created a filing cabinet from a set of desk drawers left over from an old metal desk I wanted to get rid of.  I disassembled the entire desk and used the parts for other purposes.  The front desk panel became a tabletop for a potting bench I have outdoors.  The old wood top became the sides and base of the washstand cabinet I built last year.    
The drawers were turned into a tiny filing cabinet for my new home office.

Lean-To Greenhouse from Old Doors and Windows

After 6 years of using my baby greenhouse that was built from 3 old storm windows, it became apparent this year that it just wasn't big enough for my needs anymore. The biggest issue I deal with is the late spring frosts and early fall frosts that we are prone to at an elevation of 3700 ft (1125 m). What I need is a place where I can keep 2 full grown tomato plants all summer long and not have to worry about them getting killed by frost.  This new greenhouse also gives me plenty of room to store my planters in the early spring to keep them from overnight temps that could kill them.


House Tour 2016 - Cottage Bungalow

I have made my little fixer-upper house into my perfect home!

When I bought this house, I was in a rough patch of my life. The house needed a lot of work, it was not what I wanted to live in but it was in my price range and in a great location. Six years later, this house has become my dream home. It is a very cozy and happy place for me and my pets. There is still a bit of tweaking to do - but isn't that always the case when you own a home??

It just goes to show that you can have your dreams come true, all you have to do is believe in yourself and it happens!

Enjoy the tour!

Cottage Style Home Office

Welcome to my new cottage style, light and bright home office! I did some major purging of this space and I'm so glad I did. I have half the clutter I used to have and even that doesn't feel as oppressive as it used to feel.  And remember how I left that wardrobe?  When one of my readers mentioned the fact that it was such a contemporary piece I realized I had been taking the wrong approach to the makeover.  Now I love it!

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