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Moving 101 or How to Move Without Losing Your Mind

I’ve moved 32 times since I first left home. It’s mind boggling to me that I moved that many times but I have moving down to a fine science now. I once had to pack an entire house and move to the other side of the country in less than 20 days. I did it easily!

Moving is stressful and the more organized you are, the easier it becomes.  Get the whole family involved or not - only you know whether this will help you or hinder you.  Take it easy and start working on it the moment you know you're moving - you'll be glad you started early.

Here are 10 tips to help you get organized, pack and manage easily once you get into your new place.

1 – Hire a reputable mover. Yes, you can get cheaper rates from Joe Mover, but the big companies actually train their employees on how to pack a truck efficiently and correctly so that your things aren’t smashed to smithereens when they get to your new home. Get references from friends, family or co-workers. You will not want to deal with claims and broken items when you’re dealing with the stress of settling in. Oh and Joe Mover doesn’t make claims easy either…

2 – Invest in real moving boxes. Liquor store boxes are great for glasses and vases, but the big boxes actually take less time to pack and unpack. They’re fabulous for linens, pillows, clothes and bulky items. Wardrobe boxes are fabulous. They will make your life so much easier. You can pack all the closets up immediately and have easy access to your clothes before AND after your move. Get the movers picture boxes and separate your pictures with cardboard. The frames will rub against each other during the move and get scratched up if you don’t. Use big boxes for your lampshades, too. You don’t want them to be dented and crushed.  If you want to save money, check Craig's List - lots of folks give the boxes away after they've moved.

3 – Pack your boxes according to room. Put all your master bedroom stuff together, all the kitchen stuff together, all the bathroom stuff – ok you get the picture.

4 – Label, label, label! Honestly, unless you’re superwoman (or superman) you will not be unpacking every box during your first few days at the new place. Use sharpies and write on the sides of the boxes. The boxes will likely be stacked so that you can’t read the tops. Label them with which room each box is for and be specific about what’s in them. List the major items contained. Honestly, you will be glad you did this.

5 – Buy real packing tape, masking tape doesn’t cut it. You don’t want boxes breaking open mid-move.

6 – Don’t wait until the last few days to pack. Start packing as soon as you know you’re moving. Take a little time and decide what items you really need to be using and start packing the rest. It’s surprising how much you can actually do without.

7 – Those items that you kept unpacked until the end should be packed together and labeled OPEN FIRST. When you’ve finished packing them, count the number of boxes and then label them 1 of 6, 2 of 6, 3 of 6 (or however many you’ve got). These are the boxes that you really want to get into the moment you arrive in your new digs.

8 – Packing materials are key. Invest in packing paper and learn how to use it properly for fragile items. You can make good use of your towels as well by wrapping them around the larger fragile items or by burying fragile stuff in with your towels, sheets and blankets.

9 – Make a list of all the things you need to do when you arrive at your new home and the addresses, phone numbers or websites to access. Include services that need connecting; address changes you need to make (driver’s licences, insurance, credit cards) and don’t forget to set up mail forwarding at the Post Office. You may not get much by snail mail anymore, but it’s a good precaution to take anyway.

10 – Before you move, go online to find schools, hospitals or medical clinics, bank branches, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. Print off a map and write the locations on it for easy reference.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself this move will be easy peasy – and it will. The more organized you are, the less stress you’ll feel and your move will be a breeze.

Happy packing!

With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!
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New Shelves for my Eclectic Kitchen

A year ago I added a rough-sawn maple shelf above my kitchen sideboard.  The wood is a piece of reclaimed lumber that I found.

Box Makeover #4 - Chippy Paint

* B E F O R E *

I hated the look of this jewelry box.  Don't get me wrong - I appreciate the gorgeous wood and the inlay work.   If it had been a guy's box, I would have thought it was great.  The craftsman who built this box used these ridiculous pin-things as hinges.  They would fall out every 4th time the box was opened (and I open my jewelry box A WHOLE LOT!!!).  It frustrated the heck out of me until I finally just discarded the lid completely and stuck the box inside an armoire to keep the dust off my jewelry.

I wanted a jewelry box that was prettier and more functional, so I spray painted it black.  Um well, ok so THAT didn't work out.  The newspaper I had set the box on blew up and got stuck to the sides and then I ran out of spray paint, there were drips everywhere and... well, things just went sideways from there.  Quick sanding job and back at 'er...

I painted it Behr's Almond Cream.  I used an almost dry brush so you would see some of the black underneath.  I didn't like that either...

Then I painted it with my own concoction of ugly mistake paint Behr's Agave and a pure white.  I used a dry brush again so the cream paint would show through.  Then I scratched it up a little and sanded the corners.  I had a bunch of old knobs kicking around that I wanted to use, so I played around with them until I came up with a design I liked and attached them to the lid.  I also installed some hinges and painted them over to make them look old.

I like the look now and it's soooooo much easier to lift the lid.

* A F T E R *


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Tin Tales

I've had this little tin for years.  I found it in a kitchen cupboard when I moved into my very first apartment,  left behind by a former tenant.  I'm not sure why I've carried it around with me for so many years, maybe as a reminder of that milestone of coming of age...  I kind of liked it and kind of didn't but, at any rate, it has stayed with me (usually hidden away somewhere in a cupboard).

Stylish Storage for the Front Entry

Ever since I first moved into my house last year, I've been challenged by my 5 1/2' x 6' entry foyer/porch. There is no closet in it or even near it.  The previous homeowners had a row of hooks on the wall and a sofa table against the opposite wall and that was it.  I tried my best to live with it like this for a little while:

A Baby Greenhouse is Born!

I have wanted a greenhouse forever but never had the time, money, place, whatever - and all the other excuses anyone can think of.

In May, I picked up three storm windows that were exactly the same.  I set them aside and planned to build a cold frame with them, but then I came across a story on Twitter about upright cold frames and I was off and running with a new plan.  I wanted one!

Summer came and went and I was so busy that this project fell by the wayside.  This weekend, I gathered all the windows, scrap lumber I had lying around and my tools and began to plan a structure around the size of the windows.  It was challenging because I only had a couple of 2x4s to work with, the rest of the wood was all sorts of sizes and dimensions as well as rough cuts.  If I had it to do over again, I would have bought two more 2x4s and saved myself a lot of time and agony over how to piece this thing together!  That being said, I did manage to do it all by myself!!  OMG! - Gail (My Repurposed Life), I hope you're proud of me because you're my biggest inspiration.

See what you can do with 3 little 'ol windows?

Isn't she pretty? I'm so happy!

Little birdhouses from the dollar store, painted to match the door of the greenhouse. :)

All my stuff is well used...
Don't you just love mason jars???

I used a pallet as the base for the greenhouse.

Happy September everyone!  Can you believe summer is almost over??!


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