Come on the Garden Tour with me!

Today I went on the local garden tour.  I love going through other peoples' gardens and when they let me take all the photos I want, I get to take you all along with me!  I live in a Zone 3, borderline Zone 4 area.

This is not a wordy post, but very photo heavy - and I didn't even include every garden.

Enjoy the 2012 Kimberley Tour de Fleurs Garden Tour!

Garden fence designed and built by the owner - isn't it awesome??

I had to include this - it's the elementary school's greenhouse, isn't it adorable?

Hope you all enjoyed the tour!  Have a happy week!

I'm a Rule Breaker!!!

I've been messing around yet again with a painting from my early days.  I painted it from a photograph that I loved but never could get it to look quite right.  It's super campy and fun, but the flowers just didn't turn out and I keep working at it and working at it with no success.

Until today...

I'm pretty sure there's some rule out there that says no real artist uses sharpies...  but I love 'em!  I love the cool look I get whenever I use them to add some definition or just a dash or two of sharpness.  Oh well, I never really thought of myself as a professional artist anyway, so I'll do as I please!!!  The more years I get under my belt, the less rules matter to me at all.

So here are the before, during and after photos of my field of sunflowers painting.

YIKES!  What a mess!!

Hmmm, better but still no cigar...


I lightened the sky, softened the trees and used a black Sharpie to add more definition to the flowers.  I wish I could take a better photo because it looks awesome in person, but you get the idea.  Here's to breaking all the rules!

"There is no key to happiness, the door is always open."


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black and white

I'm in love... no, not with a person, with a paint treatment :).

I've begun painting over my black furniture with bone white, distressing it and LOVING the results!!  I'm ready to repaint everything black and then white again just to get that look.  No, I'm not that crazy.  I might add a few black highlights here and there to my other pieces, but I'm too tired of painting furniture to start all over again.

The whole thing began when I repainted my kitchen in bone white two weekends ago.  I have a maple slab plank that I made into a shelf last year and spray painted with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Canyon Black.  I decided it would be nicer if it matched the walls, so I painted it a semi-gloss version of the wall colour.  Then I sanded the top and the edges and fell in love.  I painted over the corbels as well - more love fest and when I hung everything up again, the love fest grew and grew:

My eyes fell on my poor Ikea Bekvam kitchen cart that has been made over seemingly endless times... and they are SUCH A PAIN to paint!!  I bit the bullet and began painting - LOVE!!

And then I painted white over a dark basket as well.

And with all the white paint, my windowless and dark kitchen is brightening right up! I can't believe how much better everything looks compared to the way it looked when I moved in.  Paint makes SUCH a difference!!


I have another project on the go that I've begun painting in this combo but I'm not going to share here.  You'll just have to wait.

Have a great week!

pot racks aren't just for ceilings!!!

I was so excited last summer when I found a brand new wrought iron pot rack at a garage sale for $3.  I got it home and then was stumped about where I was going to hang it.  Finally I hung it over the sink and was thrilled with it.  Then I began trying to find the perfect things to hang from it and I didn't like anything.  Sigh...

I liked the look of it over the sink but whenever I hung anything on it, I found it looked cluttered instead of cute.  So I left it there and it became a shelf instead :)

Then Pinterest entered my life and I found lots and lots of pot racks that looked fabulous.  Why couldn't I figure out how to make mine look like those ones??!!

Last month I bought new lights for over the sink and the pot rack didn't work at all anymore so I took it down.   Boo!!

First thing this morning I had a brainwave.  Why don't I just hang it on the wall instead?  I whipped off the ceiling supports and decided to give up the better part of my chalkboard wall so I could hang it right beside my stove.  It was sure hard going to the office for the day and not being able to work on my project.  As soon as I got home, I got out the drill and attached the supports to the wall.

Yup, I like this!!!

Then I really got into the swing of things, using the hooks to hang knives and mixing and measuring spoons, herbs to dry and the like.  It's so handy!!

Of course it has finally dawned on me that the reason it never looked good is that my ceiling is way too low to have a pot rack hanging from it.  Live and learn!

Have a happy week!

UPDATE:  I painted out the chalkboard and added a cheap Ikea desk lamp to the pot rack (attached with zip clips) & a home made herb crate sign.  Come check it out HERE

Where Bloggers Create 2012

It's officially time for the biggest linky party of the year!!

Wow, is it really a year since my last Where Bloggers Create post?? 

I still don't have a designated space for creating, I continue to use pretty much every room in my house.  My big plan of fixing up my huge shed and turning it into a studio/workshop flopped when my never-ending bathroom reno commandeered the entire space as storage for the bathtub, beadboard panels, plumbing parts, fixtures, etc., etc.  Oh well, my new studio will be my next Where Bloggers Create post!

the table kicked the bucket...

...the paint bucket, that is.  I bought this table 20 years ago mostly because it was solid wood and had a leaf that folds in and out of the table top so that I didn't have to find a place to store the leaf.  Over the years I've had a love/hate relationship with this table.  I'm not overly fond of the look of it but until recently I really just wanted to get rid of it and get a cute table...  until I discovered my chalk paint revolution.

So here are the BEFORE shots:

I painted it with two coats of my favourite off-white chippy paint and then I topped it with a two coats of Minwax Dark Paste Wax and buffed the heck out of it.

and now it works with my freshly painted Baker's Rack as well!

Here is a close-up to show you how cool the dark wax looks over white paint.  I use cheesecloth to apply the wax and the roughness of the cheesecloth together with the roughness of the chippy paint  cause an uneven wax coat on the first go-over and makes it look like a wood grain. I so love this paint treatment :)

I'd like some opinions, too, on whether or not I should paint the wicker chairs or leave them natural.  White, black or natural - what do you think?

Have a happy and creative week!

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