Watercolours and Acrylics

Yup, more artwork - I think I'm possessed!!!  :D  I do think I'm improving with every attempt.

I wanted to try and paint a landscape in watercolours.  I worked from a photograph
for this painting.  

I'm particularly proud of this one.  I painted an image from a photograph.  I didn't think I could pull
it off, but I did and I LOVE the result.

This one has several layers of paint cause my initial idea failed
miserably. The final result turned out well though, if at
first you don't succeed...

This is another version of the first poppy painting I did.
I liked the painting so much I wanted to try a more
abstract version as well.

When I first decided to try my hand at creating my own paintings I had no idea how addicting it would become.  It's also wonderful to be able to take an image that I love and make it my own through paint.  I can choose what images I like or make it up as I go.  I decide what colours to use and what size I want. The painting can be as precise or as abstract as I like, all that matters is that I like the final product.

It's fabulous that society is now embracing all forms of art - no matter how wild or tame it is.  We have evolved to the point where the beauty of the piece is recognized rather than thinking only one way is the right way to paint or sculpt or photograph or whatever.  No matter how simplistic or complicated it is or whether anyone else agrees with you that it is beautiful or not, if you love it - that's all that matters.

From Ho-Hum to Gorgeous! Pantry Project Update

My Newly Painted Pantry :)
Last fall I bought a Leksvik child's wardrobe from Ikea to use as my pantry:

It was exactly the right size & fit for the space I had but I didn't really like the finish so I painted it and changed the knobs.

This looked a little too pristine to me so my next phase of the project was to add chalkboard paint...

Oh yeah, I like this much better.  Gotta add colour to my life!  Next step is to paint the inside of the cupboard and add more shelves to max out the usefulness of this already useful pantry.

I love old crates!

Two weekends ago I bought an old shipping crate at a garage sale for $10.

Last weekend I got busy and whitewashed it inside and out.  I wanted to use it as a bench at my back door but since it's a bit smelly inside still, I wasn't sure what to store inside it.  With a sudden inspired thought, I bought a new rubber mat to put inside the crate and added some chalkboard paint to the side of it.  Here is the final product:

While I was at it, I pulled out some other crates that I've picked up along the way and stacked them into my little laundry/recycle zone.

My mud room is tidied up and dirty boots are tucked neatly away.  Now I smile every time I come through my back door :).  (for a mini tour of my mudroom/laundry room click HERE)

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And Yet More Art...

My masterpiece shown in its new home

I think I've unleashed a monster!!!  I can't stop painting - I have paint on all my clothes - PJs included... loving every minute of it.

My Oil Masterpiece

Oh wait, this one isn't mine... it's the first oil painting I ever bought
& I absolutely love it!

Creative outlets whatever they may be - painting, decorating, building, photography, music - anything you can create using your own ideas, talents and abilities are your ticket to great happiness.  The total absorption you experience when working on a creative project distracts you from everything and with your focus so sharply directed, anything that might not be going well in your life just fades away.  The satisfaction and fulfillment is indescribable.  Such a joyful place to hang out!

Garage Sale Saturday!

Today I picked up a door mirror for $1.50.

It's not an expensive mirror, just a cheap one in a plastic frame.  I've been toying with the idea of mirrored backsplashes in my kitchen to create the illusion of more space and to help reflect light.  For a buck & a half, I figured I'd go for it.

B e f o r e

With my cider coloured maple cabinets, dark countertops and stainless & black appliances, I didn't want the white detail of the existing frame but I did want a finished edge.  Last fall, I had bought Contact Paper (shelf paper) in a stainless-steel look, but I never used it.

Instead of painting the frame or removing it, I decided to try covering it with the shelf paper (self-adhesive).

Not too bad!
So I went ahead and hung it over the counter.  Since I still need to have some electrical outlets installed in the section of the kitchen where I plan to hang the mirror, I didn't want to make this a permanent backsplash.  Enter 3-Ms magic picture hangers!  
I love these things. I use them whenever I'm not sure if I'll like whatever I'm hanging up.

Taaaa Dahhhh!
A f t e r
Yay - it worked & looks pretty good!  I've left room for the outlets to be installed horizontally below the frame and room above for some under-cabinet lights.  Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't do the same thing to the mirror over the stove.   Hmmm, but it is just temporary until the range hood can be wired and installed and it is a much more expensive mirror...  decisions, decisions.

More garage sale finds from today later on the blog.  

For now, have a great day!

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Living Room Perk Up

When I moved into this house, I thought the best design option would be to keep the room to a limited colour palate due to the small size of the space.  Over the last few months I've been so uninspired by my living room and the neutral tones I had chosen, I had to do something to brighten things up.  The last thing I want is to feel depressed in a room where I spend so much of my time!!

I loved the bright greens in the Ikea Summer Catalogue, but since Ikea is a 9 hour round trip for me, I decided to shuffle some things around in my house instead.  I dug up some of my crocuses to bring indoors and bought a pot of orange freesia for $8.  I had some light blue cushions stashed away (they are a little worn).  I bought a blue egg-shaped dish from Winners for $3 and from Superstore I picked up a blue glass candle holder & candle and a round basket for $20 total.  I already had the Undecorate book - LOVE! and I bought a 3'x3' canvas for $36 to use with the paint set that I had bought for $8.   So total tally for this new look is $75 plus taxes.

Here goes the room tour:

Before - so sad...

Phase II - A little cheered up

Phase III - new art & more blue accents

Much happier feeling.  I love my new painting and the little blue touches here and there.  I would love to get rid of the carpet, but my poor dog can't get her footing without it!
My Masterpiece :)
I'm very happy with the result and even happier that it cost so little and I could re-use some things from around the house.

Happy Easter!


A couple of days ago, I posted some paintings I created using a simple kit I bought at the dollar store.  It was amazingly easy to create my own paintings by dotting, swirling and circling the  paint covered brush on paper and on canvas.  Not to mention inexpensive since I bought all my supplies at the dollar store - frames included!  I used paper plates to squirt the paints onto, dabbed my brush and off I went.  I limited the colours I used on each painting to make sure I didn't overdo it!  A very important consideration for me since I can't leave well enough alone most of the time.  I love working with the acrylic paints and watercolours.  The oil paint was a pain to mix, clean up and smell, so I don't think I'll be going that route again...

Since I've splashed more paint on paper and canvas over the last few days, I thought I'd share these works with you as well.  Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

I also hope I've inspired you to try your own hand at painting pictures.

Have a wonderful day!

Inspired by what was left on my paper plate after mixing the colours for the other paintings.

Living Room Perk Up Pt 2

A few weeks ago I was feeling uninspired about my living room decor.  After such a long, dark winter, I couldn't stand the monotony of the monochromatic look I had going on in there.  While I haven't had a chance to buy anything new for the space, I did pull some things out of other rooms to help brighten things up a bit.

Here's the before shot:


So I brought out some light blue cushions, added a side table and lamp, bought a pot full of bright orange & pink freesia (smells great!), potted up some of my garden crocuses & put a throw over the footstool.

I still want to inject more colour but for now, this feels much better.  I feel almost spring-like now. (Please  note the absence of "karate chopped" cushions - lol.)  

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