Sewing Box Makeover

I have a sewing box that is the perfect size and shape.  It's well organized and has lots of little holders for needles & pins & buttons & all the other stuff you need for sewing.  It's also got a nice sized base for holding bits of leftover material.

The downside???  It's a relic from the late 80s and looks it:

I had a square of yellow and orange patterned fabric leftover from another project.  I also had just a little bit of BM Dijon paint leftover from my last house.  I thought the material and the paint colour would go together well (altho I really wanted turquoise but didn't have enough of the material I really wanted to use :( ).  Anyway, so I decided to try and paint over the wicker with regular pearl latex paint.  If the paint doesn't last, oh well, I can always use spray paint and do the project over again with a different fabric.

So, two coats of paint later and miraculously, JUST enough fabric to do the job:


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