Colourful Decorating (Gorgeous Rooms!)

I love white as much as the next person and can appreciate the beauty of white rooms with only one accent colour or two, but really - doesn't anybody else want more colour in their lives???!  How does one live comfortably with white sofas & tables & walls & such?  Do you have dogs, cats or kids?  Wow, seems like an awful lot of work to me...

In support of my theme, I've put together a series of photos of colourful rooms that I think are simply beautiful. Hope you enjoy them!

From Better Homes & Gardens:

Just easing in here, still a lot of white, but
greys, beige, yellow & a little black added in - and
just look at that fabulous ceiling!!

Bright, fresh & beautiful

So pretty, see how well the colours blend here. 

Another beautiful room, the greens & blues are
perfect together.

Still very colourful, but toned down by the
wall & rug colour.
 From Country Living Magazine

Soothing greens with hints of orange & white trim to
tone it down a bit.

Oops, white sofa sneaked in here!!  very calm, restful room...

From the lovely Sarah Richardson

Using creamy taupes, blues and beiges

Mixing colours and patterns 

More blues, greens & patterns

Sarah's gorgeous mudroom - oh that RED!

From House Beautiful

How pretty is this?

Celery and mint make a pretty picture

Rich colours and patterns toned down by the
wall colour

Beige, caramel, taupe and brown - delicious!


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  1. Cheers to more color! I find that I almost exclusively post colorful design inspiration on Alice in Designland


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