Revamped Sofa Table

I had a black sofa table. I loved it when I bought it, I liked the black and the style of the table. Nowadays I'm not as fond of black as I once was and I really wanted to give my table a fresh new look.  Out came the paint cans!

I used good 'ol latex paint in Behr Almond Cream and a tiny bit of paint from my tube of acrylic Raw Umber for this project.  I'm thrilled with the new look!

Kitchen Overhaul Part IV - THE REVEAL

No, I'm not finished... is anybody ever finished?? lol I still have two walls & the ceiling to paint and the floor to refinish BUT pretty much everything else is done!!!  WOOT!

Welcome to my quest to create a light, bright farmhouse kitchen from a room with no windows, 4 doorways, un-salvageable original cabinets and a miserable 3' of counter space.  The only thing going for the space was the oak floors.

More Etsy Faves

Etsy is a great source for hand crafted, unusual, or vintage pieces - as well as everyday items.   You can find the coolest things and shop the world's artisans all on one platform.

Here are some of my latest picks (click on the photos to go to the Etsy Shop):

1920's Egg Beater - how cool is this?  My mom has a similar one only with two whisks instead of one.

DIY Shutter from Bi-Fold Door

I scored a louvered bi-fold closet door at the dump a few weeks back.  I pulled up to the re-use buildings (where people can leave stuff that's still good for others to pick up) and almost crowed when I saw the wood bi-fold door in there.  I leapt out of my car only to find someone already had their hands on it... Crap!  The girl who was holding it laughed when she saw me jump out of my car and said "take it if you want it, I've got enough projects on the go.  I know that look in your eye". LOL - a fellow DIY'er!   Yay for me!!!

I knew I was going to make shutters from these panels but the panels were too narrow for the pass through window I had in mind, so I dreamed up a way to make them wider.  Luckily, there was a wood joint in between a top and bottom louvered panel so it was super easy to cut it down length-wise.

11 Must-Dos for the Front Yard

Guest post by Jennifer Riner of Zillow

Source: Brookstone Builders

Home exteriors are the first thing buyers see when examining potential properties. Brown grass, broken planters and cracked driveways can deter house hunters. Buyers might even think unkempt lawns are signs of improperly-cared-for homes, and therefore show hesitation with subsequent offers.

Coastal Mason Jar Soap Pump

I found some blue Ball jars!!!!!!!!!!! Woot!! I decided to make a new soap pump for my kitchen. Here's my beauty of a soap pump - I'm thrilled with it!

Ikea Hack Custom Kitchen Cabinet

A blind corner in my kitchen is now filled with a functional custom kitchen cabinet thanks to Ikea products!

Here's what I picked up from Ikea:

and here's how I put it all together
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