Wallpaper Week! Loving Bead Board Wallpaper...

This past week was wallpaper week. As most of you know, I've been using textured wallpaper lately to give the new addition on my home a cottage style boost to match the paneling in the old section of the house.

I got my wallpaper care of Graham and Brown, an online wallpaper supplier with a wide range of styles and types of wallpaper.  They are celebrating Wallpaper Week by offering up decor themes that different styles of wallpaper match.  I think my style is a combination of Calm and Nostalgic.  Check them out HERE

Here are some of the ways I used their textured bead board wallpaper this year:

I added a wainscot to my main bathroom:

House Tour 2015

Every year when I take stock of my seemingly never-ending to do list on the house, I think I'm close to finishing the work. This year I KNOW I'm close!! I got so many of the little niggling things completed and took a big whack at a few of the larger things too!

My goal this year was to create a larger opening between the living and dining rooms but a leaky front entry ceiling took precedence and the living/dining room opening will have to wait...

Here is my new front entry complete with a new front door and storm door!

Ikea Hack - Making Ikea look less Ikea-ish

During my bedroom redecorating project, I began a makeover of my Ikea Leksvik dresser. I like the look of the dresser but I was ready for a change.  And I changed it 7 times!  Take a look at all the different looks this dresser went through before I decided what to keep.

Turning Bi-Fold Closet Doors into French Doors

Bi-fold doors are not a favourite of mine. I dislike the way they take up so much of the opening to my closets and in my house the bi-fold doors are hollow-core so I dislike them even more! 

When I found half-louvered wood bi-fold doors at a yard sale, I snapped them up planning to install them on my master bedroom closet.

Instead of using the bi-fold track, I decided to install them on hinges attached to the trim around the closet opening.

Night Stand Makeover - How to add Height & Style to a Night Table

I have an old style, hand made night stand that I didn't terribly like much but it did the job. Then I got my "princess-and-the-pea" extremely high king-sized bed and this old style night table was much lower than the top of the mattress. Why are mattresses so huge these days anyway???

I made over the night stand several years ago, stenciling the top with a Fleur-de-lis pattern that I liked but with my new cottage style look I decided to take the time to fix up this night table once and for all.


Hiding Ugly Pipes in Laundry Room

Another day, another project to disguise weird stuff in my house.

So it's back to my laundry and mudroom where the pipes for the washer and the electrical for the dryer come up straight out of the floor! Whoo hoo - who thought that was a great idea???

Time to take things into my own hands.

New Front Door & Organizing Ideas for a Tiny Front Entry

My new front entry is complete!  New exterior door, new door handle, new wood storm door and some of the landscaping done around my newish front landing!

I am thrilled with my new door and old style wood storm door.

 Take a look!

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