Curb Appeal in 20 Seconds

I saw this cute idea when I was on Pinterest (shared by HOMEWARDfoundDecor)and had to copy the project!  It literally took 20 seconds to do and looks super cute.

Take a look!

Here's my house number before:

Making the Best of a Light Fixture Oopsie

I love Ikea. I get there once a year to shop because the store is 5 hours away, so I shop like crazy while I'm there and drag everything back home to put together and enjoy.

This year, I was all set to buy this Ranarp light fixture to hang in my laundry room when I spotted a very similar fixture on sale for $14!!!!!!!!!!!! Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was definitely one of those "START THE CAR!" moments.

Dream Dining Room - the Reveal!

I'm so happy with my newly redecorated dining room! The black and white scheme makes the wood furniture the focal point which is what I wanted.  Now this space fits my cottage decor beautifully and is a look I am happy with.

I began accumulating furniture for the dining room when I first moved in. The furniture I had already was minimal and not really my taste - without a huge budget, I took my time choosing the right pieces for the right prices by buying second hand furniture.

I found the hutch for $100, the dining table for $50, one Windsor chair for free, one Ikea Windsor chair for $5, four matching Windsor chairs for $40, an old Singer wrought iron sewing table for $90, two sets of drapes for $10, a chandelier I bought new on sale for $75 and an Ikea wicker chair that I already owned. The curtain rods are from Ikea also, $15 each including finials. Total cost including paint: $460. It also took me 6 years to complete... oh well, small price to pay for my dream space!!

To bring all the pieces together into one cohesive, pretty space I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and this is what I found (click HERE to see)

Ikea Hack - Bekvam Stepladder Makeover

I like having easy access to things and a stepladder is a must in my house. This past week I picked up the Ikea Bekvam stepladder because it is the perfect height and it comes with a handy hook for hanging the stepladder.

I want this stepladder hung in my kitchen where it is nice and handy, but if it's going to be on display all the time I want it to be cute...

My Dream Dining Room - the Perfect Chandelier & Chairs

The room is really coming together! I still have one more chair to paint, but 5 are done and I replaced the Craig's List chandelier with one I bought from Lowes. I ordered it online on a Saturday and it was in my hands by Tuesday - gotta like that!!

Do you want to see the room so far??

My Dream Dining Room - the Black Hutch

Phase 1 of creating my dream dining room is almost complete!  I began with the hutch and chairs and I am thrilled with the way this makeover is turning out!

Remember the "before" hutch:

I loved it in the aqua, but it didn't fit with my dream inspiration:

Creating My Dream Dining Room

Another year, another dining room makeover! This time, though, I am getting the look I truly want!


Last week I scored 4 matching Windsor chairs on Craig's List and found one solid oak Windsor chair in great shape at the dump.  Now my dining room furniture is exactly the style I want it to be.  Time to give all the mismatched furniture a makeover to get my dream dining room!

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